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Car Accidents: You Don’t Have to Go Through Your Insurance Company!

If you have ever been in a car accident (and not badly injured), what was the first thing you did to sort out the damage to your vehicle? You probably contacted your insurance company to let them know and start the long process of repair and recompense. But what if the accident wasn’t your fault? Did you know you don’t have to go through your insurer?

What is the alternative to using your insurance company?

Aardvark Automotive Solutions are non-fault vehicle accident management specialists. We look after and advise people who have been involved in vehicle accidents or incidents where they are not to blame – your car scraped in the street or when someone goes into the back of you at a roundabout, for example. Instead of calling your insurance company, contact Aardvark first and we take care of you and the whole complicated claims process.

Why not just use your insurance company?

Isn’t that why we pay insurance premiums? Yes, we do have insurance to protect us financially, so we’re not saddled with a big repair bill. But if the accident isn’t your fault, you’re not liable to pay for the damage so why involve your insurance company? If you do go through your insurer you’re at risk of:

  • Affecting your no claims discount
  • Paying a hefty excess
  • Being left with no replacement vehicle
  • Dealing with a repair shop miles away from home.

Who is Aardvark Automotive Solutions?

We are experts in finding solutions for those involved in non-fault vehicle accidents. We have more than 40 years of first-hand insurance company experience and vast inside knowledge of how insurers operate. We are on your side and make the claims process as easy and painless as possible. After all, the accident wasn’t your fault! If you let Aardvark handle your claim you will:

  • Not affect your no claims discount
  • Have no excess to pay
  • Receive a like-for-like vehicle replacement (great if you have an ice cream van!)
  • Deal with a garage close to home or one of your choosing.

Advantages of Aardvark Automotive Solutions

The vehicle you drive could be your livelihood. A window cleaner whose van is damaged will struggle to complete his round in any other kind of van. Aardvark will make sure your replacement vehicle is one that suits you and will keep you on the road as you need to be. Elite sports car? No problem. Campervan? No problem. Seven-seater family car? No problem.
We won’t penalise you for previous driving accidents or convictions. We won’t refuse to help if the other party don’t have insurance or if they cannot be located. In short, we’re here to help.

How do I let Aardvark know I need their help?

We’re very easy to get hold of. You can call us on 07970 702122, email info@AardvarkAutomotiveSolutions.co.uk, or fill in our easy claim form. We’re happy to chat and give you free advice about your situation – but please call us before you speak to your insurance company. Once you start a process with your insurer, we won’t be able to help. Keep our details handy, just in case, and we hope, in the nicest possible way, that you don’t ever need to contact us! But if you do, be sure we will take away the pain of the claims process.
Aardvark Automotive Solutions is your solution to getting back on the road quickly, professionally and at no loss to you.