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Car Detailing and Valeting: All You Need to Know

I could talk for hours about car detailing and valeting. But I’ve been told I’ve got to keep it brief, so… To Cut a Story Short…

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Car detailing and valeting is next level car care. Forget giving your car a wash with a bucket and sponge on a Sunday morning (please don’t ever use a sponge – but that’s a different story). Car detailing and valeting is a thorough top to bottom, deep clean of the exterior and interior of your car. It’s not a quick process and it’s not always an easy process – if it was, you’d all do it yourselves.

This type of car care includes every aspect of your vehicle’s appearance. At DR Car Care, we start by inspecting the bodywork for any existing damage or issues. Then we painstakingly clean every element, inside and out. We use specialist high-tech equipment and because we are certified Autoglym operators, we are trained in the use of professional products. We only ever use Autoglym products because they are genuinely the best on the market, not to mention non-carcinogenic, a very important factor when you spend all day with your hands and arms covered.

Detailing can involve paintwork restoration, undercarriage maintenance and corrosion repair. Not all cars need this attention, and definitely not those that are regularly detailed and valeted by us. It is a lengthy and labour-intensive process which means it’s not always quick – but the results are definitely worth the wait and won’t need to be repeated every time.
Car valeting is included as a detailing service and focuses more on the washing and cleaning of both interior and exterior, maintaining your car’s appearance throughout the year. It is the best way to keep your car looking good at all times and helping it stay showroom new. Or better. We offer a range of valet levels from the full bells and whistles service which takes a whole day (like a special treat for your car, once or twice a year), to a hand-wash exterior wash and dry (a standard treatment, suitable every one or two weeks).

We don’t just stop at car detailing and valeting. DR Car Care also offers other services, including alloy refurbs, superbike valets and commercial vehicle cleaning and valeting. We know not all cars and vehicles need the same amount of work, so we have come up with custom quote builder (I’d like to take the credit but…). You can put together a package of all the elements you’d like, take some out, add different ones in and you’ll get an instant quote. If it’s not listed on our page, please ask and we’ll let you know about price and availability.

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