DR Car Care Custom Quote

Get a Custom Quote for Custom Car Cleaning, Detailing and Valeting

DR Car Care Custom Quote

Just like no two cars are the same, no two car owners are the same. Owner A will be happy with a fortnightly clean and polish, whereas Owner B will want everything thrown at their precious car. Obviously we don’t throw things at cars, but we do offer pretty much every treatment under the sun. We could list every individual element of the DR Car Care detailing and valeting service, but to Cut a Story Short, we’ll tell you about our Custom Quote Builder and how to pick and mix your ideal cleaning package.

Custom Quote Builder

DR Car Care offers so many detailing and valeting elements. We wanted to make it as simple as possible but we kept coming up with long lists and complicated packages. But we still found there were some elements that Owner A didn’t want and some that Owner B did want but were missing. So the Custom Quote Builder was born. It is awesome!
The quote builder is a straightforward step-by-step process. You start by choosing the type of vehicle you have (by size) and then build from there. If all you want is an exterior wash you can stop there – we list everything that’s included, so you can see how much value you get for your money. Or you can keep going and add interior care, engine bay and waxing options. If your car or bike needs paint correction, you can add this in too, as well as choosing any special items, such as chewing gum removal and leather seat care.
When you’ve finished your custom selection, you will get a total price for the work. Before committing to anything, you can go back and change your quote, adding or removing any elements you want. (We’d prefer it if you added them in, to be honest.)
Once you’re happy with your final choice, pop in your name and address and the date that works for you. Job done!
After you’ve sent us your custom order, you can contact us to go over it or to double check anything. And when it’s time to do the work, if we see anything that prevents us doing any of the work you’ve requested, we’ll let you know.

Not sure what level or detailing and valeting you need?

The whole idea of the Custom Quote Builder was to make life easier for you. But if you’re not sure what you need or want, just give us a call on 07947398813 or drop us a message and we’ll help you.